Savannah the Morkie

small dog white morkie

This is Savannah the Morkie. Morkies are small dogs, and a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier dog and a Maltese dog. Savannah is white and was born in 2012. She mostly rests or barks during the day. Her cat and dog friends are Queeny, a grey American Shorthair cat; Rex, a white Maltese dog; Smokie, a young Beagle dog; and Remus, a tan Chug dog. Savannah chases Queeny around the house and licks her face. She likes to bark at animals on the tv as well. Savannah will spin around at the door and bark when she wants to go outside. She also spends time looking out the window for animals and cars. She gets really excited when other animals walk around the yard or when a car pulls in the driveway. Savannah enjoys being around people most of the time and likes to play fetch with her toys. Sometimes when she sees people, she gets really excited and pees on the floor. The following are photos and videos of Savannah and some of her friends.


white small dog and grey cat sitting on a bed

Savannah with Queeny the cat

grey cat outside in the grass

Queeny outside

white small dog posing for a picture

Savannah posing for a picture

white small dog laying down

Savannah taking a break

white small dog by trees

Savannah checking out the woods

white small dog on blacktop driveway

Savannah on the driveway

white small dog by green pond

Savannah by the pond

grey cat with black top hat

Queeny sleeping with her hat

white small dog by stump in the snow

Savannah out in the snow

white small dog white on two legs reaching for food

Savannah standing up for her treat

small dogs white morkie and white maltese standing around a stump in the snow

Small dogs Savannah and Rex hanging out in the snow


Savannah the Morkie dancing

Savannah climbing her steps

Savannah pushing her food around

Savannah barking at bears on tv

Savannah greets Queeny the cat with licks

Dog friends

Rex the Maltese
Smokie the Beagle
Remus the Chug